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About Us

How it all started

It all began when My mother gifted me my first diamond. I was only 10. It was my first crush. The feeling that I experienced when I wore it back then, was indescribable. It is the same feeling that I want to share with you by offering you beautiful handmade jewelry with handpicked gemstones.


At Archariel we make and melt and make again till we don't feel what we have created, is something beautiful. And we will continue to do so because making money is easy, but producing something that a customer feels is worth that money is what we thrive on. 

We believe everyone deserves a little sparkle in life and our jewellery pieces, each handmade with incredible love, will surely bring some in yours.

We would love to share with you our collection of affordable yet unique jewellery.

Archariel Jewels- Authentic, trustworthy and Reliable at all Times.

Apurva Jain

Director, Head Designer



Meet The Team


Vikramaditya Singh Krishnawat

Co Partner, Designer, Gemologist(GIA)

I have been extremely passionate about jewellery all my life. When I learnt about the 4C's of Diamonds I was blown away by the misinformation that is spread in our community and the world about diamonds. The same is with gemstones. 

Through Archariel I would like to offer jewellery made with honesty, love and compassion.

All the diamonds and gemstones we use are 100% crueltyfree.

We are always available to answer any doubts or queries you might have about picking the right diamond for yourself or for the one you love.

Birthstone: Turquoise | Favorite Piece: I like the ones I custom make for my clients


Harsh K.

Production Manager

Birthstone: Amethyst  | Favorite Piece: Flower Cluster Amethyst Ring.

Shelly H.

Jr. Designer

Birthstone: Ruby | Favorite Piece: Ruby Dome Ring.

Monish J.

Graphic Artist

Birthstone: Emerald | Favorite Piece: Can't Pick One.