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About Us

How it all started

It all began when My mother gifted me my first diamond. I was only 10. It was my first crush. The feeling that I experienced when I wore it back then, was indescribable. It is the same feeling that I want to share with you by offering you beautiful handmade jewelry that has 100% genuine gems.


I don't believe in artificial jewellery, 

I feel that something can be called a jewel only when its precious and rare, something that adds value to your personality, not a piece of plastic or glass.

If you want to wear a gemstone you are better off wearing a real one because you are unique just like everyone else and everyone deserves a little sparkle in life.

We would love to share with you our collection of affordable yet unique jewellery at 

Archariel Jewels- Authentic, trustworthy and Reliable at all Times.

Apurva Jain

Director, Head Designer

Meet The Team

Vishal Patel

Manager-Business Development / Sales Head

Birthstone: Blue Topaz | Favorite Piece: Blue Topaz Halo Cufflinks   

Stuck in a 9 to 5 job at an MNC, I felt life wasn't taking me anywhere. Doing the same things everyday, made me lose all my passions. I loved this industry but i didn't get a chance to experiment with my complete potential, express my creativity, make something unique. 

Archariel gave me this opportunity. I experiment with anything and everything here, be it photography, or new designs or anything.

We make and melt and make again till we don't feel what we have created is something beautiful. And we will always do so because making money is easy, but producing something that a customer feels is worth the money is something we thrive on.                                                                                          

Harsh K.

Production Manager

Birthstone: Amethyst  | Favorite Piece: Flower Cluster Amethyst Ring

Shelly H.

Jr. Designer

Birthstone: Ruby | Favorite Piece: Ruby Dome Ring

Monish J.

Graphic Artist

Birthstone: Emerald | Favorite Piece: Can't Pick One